Managed Security

Cloud connectivity, mobility, unified communications, and the perimeter-less nature of distributed customers, workers and partners, has unleashed a Pandora's box of new and widening attack vectors.

The methods used by a malicious actor, range from malware, viruses, and email attachments, to web pages, text messages and social engineering, just to name a few.

IT and security professionals struggle with fragmented security infrastructure, comprised of identity and access management, intrusion prevention, antivirus, content filtering, and other security functions.

It’s no surprise that within this jumble, security vulnerabilities from users clicking on a malicious link, to device mis-configurations, can go unnoticed until a hacker finds and exploits them.

AireSpring Cybersecurity Protection

Security is a critical factor when choosing an SD-WAN solution. AireSpring’s Global Managed SD-WAN is powered by the VMware® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ platform, a robust architecture that simplifies the process of securing traffic and data. AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN provides deep visibility and identification of over 2500 applications, within any environment, including on-premises, private and public clouds, and SaaS. AireSpring enables organizations with the flexibility to apply security and business policies, where and when they need them, while eliminating challenges associated with a perimeter-less network. Customers with AireSpring Gateway Access service can take advantage of AireSpring DDoS mitigation service that adds another layer of defense to your network (Available at no additional cost within the USA).

Security at the Edge

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN brings a consolidated and integrated security stack to the edge, close to the user. Coalesced security at the edge reduces cost and complexity, enables cloud scalability, and brings greater clarity and visibility to identify and remedy traffic and user login anomalies before they potentially impact the organization.

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN leverages a comprehensive, cloud-enabled secure access service edge, or SASE, platform. SASE provides a policy-based, software-defined, secure access network fabric. IT and security teams can stipulate the precise security, performance, reliability, and cost for every network session, based on identity and context.

Core SD-WAN Security Capabilities

Security is fundamental to VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, which is built on an architecture that ensures secure communication between the management, control, and data planes:

  • Between management and data planes
  • Between data plane and control plane components
  • Within public key infrastructure-based authentication

Security functions:

  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Key generation/exchange options

Stateful firewall included in the SD-WAN Edge, provides secure connectivity between locations.

PCI compliance can be enforced on a per segment basis to maintain regulatory compliance.

Segmentation supports VLAN functionality across the enterprise, ensuring discrete connectivity between employees and business applications.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) – virtual network functions (VNF) on Edge software and devices enable the insertion of NGFW functionality.

User traffic inspection – Inspection for threat detection and prevention (e.g. IDS/IPS, anti-malware, URL filtering) is available locally within the VMware SD-WAN Edge via service chaining through a firewall VNF, or remotely, by steering traffic to cloud-hosted security services through policy.

Network segmentation – Network segmentation logically divides the network into multiple, discrete subnets. A segmented network can be isolated and controlled, by allowing and disallowing traffic, based upon a variety of management and security factors.

Network segmentation use cases can include:

  • Line-of-business segmentation, such as engineering, sales, and support, etc.
  • Separating user data, for guest WiFi, ATM, PCI, etc.
  • Overlap IP addresses in different virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) scenarios
  • Secure firewall service can segregate voice, video and compliance traffic
  • Group prefixes can be inserted within a unique routing table, to make a business policy and segment-aware

Deployment Options

WAN architectures are as varied as the customers who deploy them. Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Financial, and Construction are examples of industries with varied requirements. The AireSpring Global SD-WAN solution offers a flexible set of components to address the needs of every enterprise. While traditional approaches encompass management of numerous VPN tunnels and PKI infrastructure, this is drastically reduced with AireSpring’s Managed Security solution. A centralized Orchestrator with the ability to distribute settings from a “single pane of glass” takes a legacy process and streamlines connectivity when and where it is needed.

Managed Security

Affords the organization the ability to reduce the burden of maintaining the security infrastructure.


Provides for the secure breakout of communications between SD-WAN locations.

Edge device functionality
Provides the ability to bring the security stack close to the user. Cost and complexity are reduced by adopting a managed approach to Security while providing the ability to scale as organizational needs change over time.


A stateful Firewall offers branch office security along with network segmentation and layered NextGen Firewall features in NFV form, providing comprehensive end-to-end security.

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