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AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN for Architectural Firms

Architectural firms with employees in corporate offices, branch offices and temporary trailers at remote construction sites, rely upon the WAN to collaborate and work with business applications like Office365 and other SaaS and on-premises apps. This involves working with and sharing many business applications, like 3D CAD modeling, floor plan drawing, time tracking, accounting software, and workflow applications. Reliably and effectively managing client and project data is of critical importance.

Slow network performance, or a network failure, can cost thousands of dollars. To avoid this potential for disaster, architectural firms need cost-effective, agile, reliable and secure WAN connectivity. In particular, remote locations accessing a data center or cloud/SaaS applications require these attributes.

WANs are an integral part of an architectural company’s communications. For decades, MPLS circuits have been utilized to support applications and services. Yet, many firms are now looking to replace or augment MPLS, to lower costs, speed deployments for new offices and temporary construction sites, and cost-effectively increase bandwidth, while ensuring security, reliability and performance.

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN includes industry-leading VMware SD-WAN, our carrier-grade Global Private Network (GPN) with distributed PoPs, and last mile circuit procurement, all monitored and supported, through our global NOCs. And everything is included within a single contract, and one simple bill.

Simplified WAN deployment, monitoring and management

AireSpring provides fast, scalable, and reliable, global connectivity, for on-premises and public/private multi-cloud application performance. Our centralized management and control use simple, template-driven workflows that eliminate tedious, error-prone configurations. Our cloud-based SD-WAN makes it easy to add new remote offices and connect directly to cloud services, with zero-touch deployment.

Deep end-to-end network control

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN embeds application intelligence, enabling deep packet inspection by the network, beyond source and destination. It understands the application requirements and the context associated with the applications, and delivers fast, reliable and secure application delivery, regardless of network conditions.

Flexible WAN circuits for cost-effective application performance and reliability

AireSpring reduces bandwidth costs, by aggregating multiple connections of any type, like Broadband, DIA Internet, MPLS, wireless 4G, etc. Leveraging all available bandwidth, and automatically adapting to network conditions, AireSpring directs traffic to the best path at any moment in time. This increases application reliability, and provides a quality user experience.

Single-vendor managed service gives you the control without the headaches

AireSpring enables architectural firms to support more traffic and ensure applications run smoothly, without being adversely affected by underlying network issues. Our managed service enables IT to spend less time dealing with networks complexities, and have more time and focus applied to business applications and services.

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