Global Connectivity

Simplifying Global Internet Solutions

Leverage our comprehensive suite of Global Connectivity solutions to streamline your network operations across the globe. From sourcing top-tier internet services to managing your network infrastructure, we offer a seamless and reliable experience, all consolidated into a single, easy-to-manage bill.

Global Internet Sourcing

Enable your business to thrive globally with high-quality internet connectivity, essential for optimal performance and access to cloud applications in every branch office. Benefit from our extensive partner ecosystem spanning over 190 countries and backed by 3,000 local suppliers, ensuring robust internet access wherever you operate.

Managed Global Connectivity

Our AireNMS Internet Connectivity and Management Portal offers real-time monitoring and performance metrics at each of your remote locations. In the event of an outage, our dedicated team swiftly works with ISPs to resolve issues, minimizing disruptions to your operations and reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Core Capabilities


Unmatched Deployment Flexibility

Choose from a range of deployment options, including Over-the-Top (OTT), Global Private Network (GPN), and Hybrid solutions, tailored to meet your diverse remote location needs.


Simplified Last Mile Circuit Procurement

Save time and effort by procuring and provisioning all last-mile circuits through a single vendor, eliminating the complexities of managing multiple vendors and support organizations.


Global SLA Assurance

Rely on our globally backed SLA, ensuring guaranteed performance across our Global Private Network, delivering consistent service quality and reliability across your entire network infrastructure.

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