Customer Service

AireSpring products are built to be robust and reliable. However, eventually, everyone needs a little support. When you need help, we want to make sure that your needs are met quickly and professionally.

Our AIRECARE™ customer portal and advanced billing report management tools allow you to access your billing and service details at any time via the following link For customer service inquiries, please contact us at the numbers below. You can also email our Repair Department at Our dedicated staff are standing by to assist you.

Sales Operations Department

Provisioning and modification of existing dedicated orders or service: T-1 or Toll Free (including switched additions to dedicated accounts) +1 844-832-8514

New Services:

Moves, Adds & Changes:


Additional dedicated circuits for current and other locations; and general account assistance or disconnections.

Please contact your Assigned Premier Account Representatives at

+1 888-389-2899

(direct extension supplied with his/her individual contact information) or e-mail:

If for whatever reason our primary support staff do not meet your needs to your satisfaction, please utilize our escalation procedure to obtain assistance from AireSpring’s highly qualified management team.

AireSpring Advantage Support Guide

AireSpring Advantage Support Escalation List