DIY SD-WAN vs. Managed SD-WAN

A key driver for managed services is the ongoing migration to SD-WAN. Despite vendor promises, SD-WAN is significantly more complex than a “plug-and-play” solution. This has led to significant growth in managed SD-WAN services. According to Gartner, nearly two-thirds of organizations prefer managed SD-WAN over the DIY approach.

Gartner predicts enterprise spending on managed SD-WAN services will grow over 76% in 2023. They predict 40% of global enterprise SD-WAN initiatives will source some or all of their underlying WAN transport from SD-WAN managed service providers. Frost & Sullivan reports that an estimated 80% of enterprises are choosing managed SD-WAN services.

Global network infrastructure is complicated, time-consuming and resource-intensive. When SD-WAN is purchased as a separate product, it comes with substantial long-term costs and resource burdens.

SD-WAN DIY implementations require enterprise IT teams to handle the complicated process of designing and engineering a new architecture that fits with an existing network, either in parallel, or as a replacement.

There are many time and cost burdens for internal IT and other business units. It requires negotiating carrier contracts with multiple vendors, provisioning and deploying circuits, coordinating multiple NOC support organizations, and keeping track of a quagmire of billing issues.


SD-WAN lifecycle


Preparation (strategy, planning, designing, engineering, etc.)


Deployment (transition, integrating SD-WAN components into the WAN, locating carriers, negotiating contracts, provisioning circuits)


On-going management and operations and continual improvements (monitoring, troubleshooting, resolving issues, implementing policy changes, adding/removing networks to support locations, etc.).

Each phase requires skilled IT staff with diverse disciplines, processes, reporting functions, and specialized systems, tools and applications.

To deliver on the SD-WAN promise, AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN removes the complexity, time, and resources required for enterprises to deal with the array of technologies and business interactions associated with global SD-WAN.

We simplify network infrastructure, as a single vendor for SD-WAN and global connectivity and services. We include planning, designing, provisioning, deploying, monitoring, managing, and supporting it all, with one bill for everything.

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN

  • AireSpring dedicated global NOC teams monitor, troubleshoot and resolve issues – 24/7/365
  • AireSpring handles tactical and strategic network and IT functions, including logistics, shipping and configuration changes
  • AireSpring procures, deploys, manages, monitors, troubleshoots and supports everything
  • AireSpring is a single-point-of-contact, responsible for coordinating, managing, and negotiating all carrier contracts, MSAs, invoices
  • Costs are consistent and predictable
  • AireSpring’s global NOCs proactively monitor and resolve problems
  • AireSpring is a single point of contact – no more finger-pointing

Enterprise DIY SD-WAN

  • IT staff monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues with multiple vendor ticketing systems, within limited hours, including time off and sick days, and utilize staff skills as available
  • IT must balance time between tactical network functions, and strategic initiatives that help the business better compete
  • IT procures, deploys, manages, monitors, troubleshoots and supports everything, while dealing with multiple vendor processes, systems and contacts
  • IT and other internal departments are responsible for coordinating and negotiating all carrier contracts, MSAs, invoices
  • Costs vary, based upon technology and systems needed, and available staff, hours worked, and variables in filling knowledge gaps
  • IT works with multiple carrier support organizations to find, troubleshoot and resolve problems
  • To get a network problem resolved, IT must locate, coordinate, troubleshoot, and try to determine which carrier is at fault

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