Premium Internet Access China

AireSpring’s Premium Internet Access in China

A service that offers enhanced and reliable internet connectivity in-out of China, addressing the unique challenges and restrictions posed by the country’s internet infrastructure and regulations. PIAC provides faster, consistent, and more stable connections, improved access to international websites and services, and enhanced security measures to navigate the Great Firewall of China.

PIAC is valuable for businesses, employees, and individuals who require seamless and high-quality internet access while in China for work, for communication, or research, and need to access mission-critical applications in the US and outside of China.

AireSpring’s Premium Internet Access China (PIAC) is a superior internet service for mainland China that provides optimal internet access to global resources from locations within China.

IT Managers with responsibility in China face challenges unique to this specific region. For example, regular direct internet access, or DIA services, in this region can limit or even restrict access to global applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, G-suite, and other cloud-based apps and ERP systems. PIAC enables unobstructed access to global resources for users in China.

AireSpring’s PIAC service includes an SD-WAN edge appliance by VMware®, named a leader in Gartner’s 2021 report on WAN Edge Infrastructure. Built on the layered strength of this industry-leading SD-WAN solution combined with the AireSpring Global Private Network (GPN), PIAC advances internet connectivity in China to a new level. PIAC eliminates the barriers that formerly challenged multi-national enterprises, solving problems like quality of service (QoS) over longer distances and regulatory restrictions in some geographic locations.

Benefits of AireSpring’s PIAC


Uninterrupted Access to Global Resources

Uninterrupted access to services such as Office 365, Salesforce, G-suite, and other cloud-based apps and ERP systems.


Stabilize Internet Access with AireSpring’s Global Private Network and SD-WAN:

Bypass the unpredictability of the internet over long distances using our reliable, high performance Global Private Network in combination with VMware SD-WAN.


Fully Managed Service

Benefit from AireSpring’s premium implementation, design, and engineering services.


Personalized Service

AireSpring delivers outstanding high-touch customer service, along with one bill and a single point of contact for all your service needs.

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