Global Private Network

The Power of Global SD-WAN

AireSpring’s Global SD-WAN delivers the benefits of SD-WAN with a global private network, bypassing the unpredictability of the public internet over long distances and providing a reliable, holistic network.

Companies are faced with numerous challenges when supporting global locations. Deploying AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN is the seamless, incremental and cost conscious method for creating the agility needed by your business counterparts without sacrificing your existing network infrastructure investment.

Your enterprise branch office wide area network is experiencing business and technical demands driven by the rapid adoption and increase of critical applications, and cloud services. AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN addresses these demands by reliably expanding bandwidth, delivering direct access to cloud applications, and enabling smooth services installations.

A Winning Combination

VMware’s SD-WAN and AireSpring’s Global Private Network, OTT and Hybrid Options, makes for a winning combination when it comes to combining the economics and deployment flexibility to meet any customer requirement.

Core Capabilities


Performance & Reliability

AireSpring’s Global Private Network and VMware SD-WAN solutions enable economical expansion of bandwidth with enterprise-grade performance needed for the most critical and demanding applications


Unmatched Automation & Orchestration

The AireSpring/VMware SD-WAN solution automates branch and remote location deployment with link characteristics discovery and provides granular visibility for real-time network and application monitoring to more than 2,500+ pre-identified applications


Rich Feature Set for Complete Control and Enablement

Ability to centrally manage last, middle mile, and the entire WAN along with the application fine tuning with full read & write capabilities saves time, energy and IT resources


Improve Speed, Efficiency and Control

Remotely manage and increase efficiencies for the entire IT team improving speed of turn up and digital transformation adoption


Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization

VMware SD-WAN Dynamic Multipath Optimization comprises deep application recognition, automatic link monitoring, auto-detection of provider and auto-configuration of link characteristics, routing and QoE settings.

Smart QoS

Granular classification of 2,500+ applications enable smart control. Out-of-the-box defaults set the Quality of Service (QoS) policies for common business objectives with IT required only to establish traffic priority. Knowledge of application profile enables automation of QoS configurations and bandwidth allocations.

Link Steering & Remediation

On-demand, Per-packet link steering is performed automatically based on the measured performance metric, intelligent application learning, business priority of the application, and link cost. Delivers sub-second blackout and brownout protection to improve application availability. Remediates link degradation through forward error correction, activating jitter buffering and synthetic packet production.

Application Visibility

VMware SD-WAN offers recognition and classification of 2,500+ applications and sub applications without the need to deploy separate hardware or software probes within each branch location. The solution intelligently learns applications as they are seen on the network and adds them to the VMware SD-WAN cloud-based application database. Services such as firewall, intelligent multipath, and Smart QoS may be controlled through the solution’s application-aware business policy control.

Business Policies

Quality of Service, resource allocations, link/path steering, and error correction are automatically applied based on business policies and application priorities. Orchestrate traffic based on service groups defined by private and public links, policy definition, and link characteristics.

Deployment Options

Edge Device Platform Options

Wide range of physical edge device connectivity options to match your enterprise bandwidth and application data traffic requirements

Virtual Services Platform Options

Deploy and support virtual network function services to run in any major cloud environment

Edge Device High Availability

Ensure your HQ, data center, and key geographic dispersed remote locations have access to mission-critical enterprise data/traffic and applications utilizing a HA (High Availability) redundant edge device deployment option.


Simplify branch WAN Networks

VMware SD-WAN offers fast provisioning of remote branches in minutes, with zero IT touch and cloud activation, giving you enterprise-grade WAN with dynamic multi-path steering and on-demand link remediation for performance and reliability. Our subscription based service eliminates upfront CAPEX costs.

Stay ahead of business, technology and market demands

Deploying VMware SD-WAN is a seamless, incremental and cost conscious method for creating the agility needed by your business colleagues without sacrificing your existing network infrastructure investment. To meet market demands, you are able to deploy flexible, secure WAN connectivity that scales from small to large numbers of distributed remote branch locations.

“Results-first” Approach

Automate and gain valuable intelligence to ease IT teams’ burden where it has been a manually intensive process to manage all network activities. Outcome-Driven Networking changes all of that.

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