Visibility and Control

Service Overview

What is WAN visibility and control?

WAN visibility involves the data collection, aggregation, distribution, reporting, and analysis of traffic flows across an enterprise-wide network. Network visibility enables the control needed over the network and applications, using data and insights derived from analytics. Network visibility, and the collected and analyzed data, provide the insights that enable informed decisions for improving network, application, and security performance and reliability.

It starts with policy

Business policy enablement and enforcement are what guide and empower SD-WAN visibility and control. Applying business policy to network and application performance and functionality, brings the true value of digital transformation to the user experience.

It’s managed by orchestration

The SD-WAN orchestrator is where the central, enterprise-wide installation, configuration and real-time monitoring takes place. Using business policy, SD-WAN orchestrates and automates data flows across the cloud-delivered network. The orchestrator provisions zero-touch edge services to branches, clouds, enterprise data centers and regional campuses.

It’s made intelligent with analytics

SD-WAN continually optimizes link performance, capacity planning, and paths to on-premises and cloud applications, through deep network monitoring and analytics. The continuous improvement in performance, reliability and security, are enabled through the insights derived from the analytics engine. AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN collects and uses real-time data to report on application flows, end-to-end path visibility, and anomalous network conditions. Based on the insights derived from this real-time data, the SD-WAN automatically adjusts flows, reroutes traffic, and identifies impaired networks, so all traffic can be controlled appropriately.

It’s automated for IT operations

SD-WAN network and application visibility intelligently automates decisions, and provides unprecedented analytics and on-demand elasticity. The analytics engine provides deep packet-level insight into virtualized and containerized workloads, giving network, application, and security teams continuous, end-to-end visibility and control. Enterprises now have unparalleled visibility, awareness, and control of traffic patterns and quality, with one-click business and security policy management, and automated provisioning of existing and new services.

First, middle and last-mile performance management

Quickly view and verify network and application performance, identify problem areas and gain actionable insights, utilizing real-time performance data and trending, to measure and manage mission-critical applications, enhance the user experience, and lower TCO. AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN uniquely delivers first, middle and last-mile performance management, with end-to-end visibility.

Deploy in minutes

Deploy edge locations, like branch office WANs, in minutes, with zero-touch provisioning. Provisioned centrally, and with the click of a button, as soon as SD-WAN Edge devices are connected to the Internet, they automatically authenticate, connect, and receive configuration instructions – without on-site technical resources.

Deployment Options

Multi-location enterprises with a mix of mission-critical and non-critical applications, and diverse app hosting environments require adaptive, reliable, resilient, and secure connectivity. Today’s business-driven WANs can no longer rely upon a one-size-fits-all network. SD WAN provides an overlay, over existing and new network infrastructure, to run more cost-effectively, efficiently, and with greater control. Application and user aware, SD-WAN instantly and intelligently routes traffic over the best path, based on business policies. Traffic can be routed on specific circuits based on these policies. For example, mission-critical applications can be routed over MPLS, and lower-priority apps over Broadband, DIA Internet, LTE, etc. If a circuit has an issue, SD-WAN dynamically routes traffic to the best alternative paths, through its built-in virtual circuit redundancy, to maintain a quality user experience.

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN connectivity is available with flexible options, and in any combination:

Complete edge-middle-edge connectivity via GPN Tunnels, combines the power of SD-WAN with the reliability of AireSpring’s Global Private Network, a resilient, fully-meshed, global private layer 2 network, backed by a single-provider global SLA.

Hybrid architecture combines AireSpring’s Global Private Network for international connectivity with Over-the-Top (OTT) DMPO Tunnels utilizing public Internet, for domestic or regional connectivity.

Proactive Network Monitoring Service

Pinpoint and fix potential problems before they affect your business, with AireSpring AireNMS proactive network monitoring service.

Included at no additional cost for locations within the U.S. Additional fee for locations elsewhere.

AireSpring provides 24/7/365 proactive Internet circuit monitoring and troubleshooting, through our global NOCs, whether provided by AireSpring, or other vendors.

Available at no additional charge for locations within the U.S

3rd-party Internet circuit monitoring and resolution

Visibility and Control Benefits

Gain a better understanding of how the network and applications are performing.

Achieve greater insights into bandwidth usage to create a better quality user experience.

In-depth visibility of your entire enterprise-wide WAN helps locate problem sources, before they affect users.

Proactively detect threats and identify unusual network behavior. View threats, identify and track unauthorized access, and detect malware within encrypted network traffic.

Deep visibility monitors network events, site and tunnel status. Traffic analysis on bandwidth usage and availability across the entire WAN improves connectivity for on-premises and public/private clouds, providing the control needed to reliably deliver applications anywhere.

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