Let’s face it, network infrastructure is complicated, time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Connecting distributed users and devices to on-premises, multi-clouds and SaaS, has created greater complexity for IT teams. While SD-WAN promises to simplify connectivity, it actually adds more complexity, with more carriers and network circuits to coordinate, monitor and troubleshoot. Managing networking infrastructure in-house adds substantial long-term costs and resource burden.

SD-WAN DIY implementations require enterprise IT teams to handle the complicated process of designing and engineering a new architecture that fits with an existing network, either in parallel, or as a replacement. There are many time and cost burdens for internal IT and other business units. It requires negotiating carrier contracts with multiple vendors, provisioning and deploying circuits, coordinating multiple NOC support organizations, and keeping track of a quagmire of billing issues.

AireSpring delivers on the SD-WAN promise

To deliver on the SD-WAN promise, AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN removes the complexity, time, and resources required for enterprises to deal with the array of technologies and business interactions associated with global SD-WAN.

We simplify network infrastructure, as a single vendor for SD-WAN and global connectivity and services. We include planning, designing, provisioning, deploying, monitoring, managing, and supporting it all, with one bill for everything.

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WANEnterprise DIY SD-WAN
AireSpring dedicated global NOC teams monitor, troubleshoot and resolve issues – 24/7/365IT staff monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues with multiple vendor ticketing systems, within limited hours, including time off and sick days, and utilize staff skills as available
AireSpring handles tactical and strategic network and IT functions, including logistics, shipping and configuration changesIT must balance time between tactical network functions, and strategic initiatives that help the business better compete
AireSpring procures, deploys, manages, monitors, troubleshoots and supports everythingIT procures, deploys, manages, monitors, troubleshoots and supports everything, while dealing with multiple vendor processes, systems and contacts
AireSpring is a single-point-of-contact, responsible for troubleshooting, and coordinating, managing, and negotiating all carrier contracts, MSAs, invoicesIT and other internal departments are responsible for all troubleshooting, and coordinating and negotiating all carrier contracts, MSAs, invoices
Costs are consistent and predictableCosts vary, based upon technology and systems needed, and available staff, hours worked, and variables in filling knowledge gaps
AireSpring’s global NOCs proactively monitor and resolve problemsIT works with multiple carrier support organizations to find, troubleshoot and resolve problems

Operating existing network infrastructure, while deploying a new SD-WAN, can be a daunting and costly challenge. It requires seasoned professionals with specialized skills, and a deep understanding of hardware, software, networking, and diverse carrier infrastructure.

A successful SD-WAN needs the best technologies and network circuits for every branch office, data center and cloud service. AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN simplifies networking, and delivers the economical, reliable, flexible, and scalable global connectivity that national and multinational organizations need to compete in today’s digital environment.

For further details on how AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN can help eliminate the burden of complexity for your IT team, by simplifying WAN infrastructure through our managed SD-WAN, contact us at sales@airespringGlobal.com, 1-866-637-9467, or get a quote.