The Greatest Factor for Enterprise WAN Success – User Experience

A successful WAN requires a quality user experience for both end-users and IT

In an effort to ensure the best quality user experience, SD-WAN has turned enterprise WAN architecture upside down. WAN infrastructure is being transformed from a hardware-centric model, to a software-driven one, that enables agile, dynamic, and intelligent connectivity. SD-WAN opens up a vast ecosystem of independent technology solutions that can be integrated, and centrally monitored and managed.

End-users don’t want to know about what’s behind the “technology curtain” that provides them with seamless connectivity to their applications. From log-in to application functionality, the speed, reliability and consistency of apps that allow users to seamlessly accomplish whatever they need to do, is of utmost importance.

While the consumerization of WAN connectivity for end-users is clear, the consumerization of the WAN for IT teams is less so. However, that’s quickly changing. WAN automation is enabling IT to more efficiently and easily deploy and manage connectivity, for any application hosting environment, including on-premises, private/public clouds and SaaS.

SD-WAN brings together many new capabilities that expose the limitations and roadblocks inherent within traditional WANs. Enterprises need controls, and the ability to prioritize applications. Integrating context into the entire WAN experience, from the network and application, to the user and edge location, allows them to better match WAN performance with their business needs.

Managed services increase IT impact

When IT has the time and resources to analyze and take action on the data they collect, business outcomes can dramatically improve. SD-WAN can help them to lower costs, improve the user experience, and change the IT department from a cost-center to a profit-center. Technology plays a key role in helping businesses serve their users, while maintaining efficiencies. But, that’s difficult to achieve, if complexity and limited resources are pushing against it.

Managed network circuits and managed SD-WAN take simplicity and efficiency to new levels, enabling a consumer-friendly and quality experience for both end-users and enterprise IT. WAN connectivity becomes seamless, delivered any time, and from anywhere. Ubiquitous, pervasive, and extensible, are all qualities that SD-WAN embodies. Agility and flexibility are provided through automated dynamic path adjustments, based upon changing network conditions. Rapid changes can be made to existing services, with centralized monitoring, management, and distribution of policies that control application performance and security.

Managed services – quality of service (MS-QoS) and quality of experience (MS-QoE)

SD-WAN is only represented by the many qualities and benefits listed. To realize them requires much more than technology. It needs proven processes, and seasoned professionals with specialized skills, and a deep understanding of hardware, software, networking, security, and diverse carrier infrastructure. For global deployments, it requires knowledge and experience dealing with international regulatory restrictions within different international locations.

Quality of Service, or QoS, enables a quality user experience, or QoE. For example, QoS helps eliminate garbled or pixelated videoconferences, and dropped, choppy, and echoing voice calls. QoS mitigates circuit degradation through forward error correction, jitter buffering and negative acknowledgment proxy, to protect the performance of network-sensitive applications.

SD-WAN requires the symbiotic interactions among people, processes, and technology. As with network QoS, managed service QoS (MS-QoS) improves the IT user experience by off-loading many important, but lower-level and productivity disrupting tasks, like procuring, deploying, troubleshooting and supporting network infrastructure. It also eliminates the need to manage and coordinate multiple vendor processes, systems and contacts. Working hand-and-glove, MS-QoE adds a layer of professional services, that allows IT personnel to have a greater impact on the business, by focusing on more strategic tasks and business-critical initiatives.

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN delivers QoE to both end-users and IT

Managed service providers differ in their levels of performance, response time, and responsibility for SLAs. AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN includes our Global Private Network, backed by our global SLA. We eliminate the inherent unreliability of the public Internet, that suffers from latency, packet loss, jitter and over-subscribed networks.

Virtually everything that a business needs to be successful, has a technology implication. While technology may offer substantial business value, the challenge is possessing the skills, resources, time, and processes to capture that value. AireSpring acts as a technology advisor, working with our customers to collaborate on how to leverage technologies that help grow their business.

A successful business must be completely focused on their core competencies. Whether the business is retail or healthcare, the IT team will deliver its greatest value by focusing on implementing applications and solutions that enable them to achieve the best business outcomes. They begin losing their value when they try to manage, troubleshoot, and stay current on networking and security technologies.

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN frees IT teams from the weight of coordinating and managing time-consuming and productivity draining tasks of negotiating, provisioning, deploying, monitoring, managing and supporting SD-WAN. AireSpring offers a single-vendor service for SD-WAN, a global private network, last mile circuit procurement, and global NOC support, all within a single bill.

A successful SD-WAN that delivers a quality of experience for end-users and IT teams, needs the best technologies, skills, and processes. AireSpring simplifies networking, and delivers the quality user experience that national and multinational organizations need to compete in today’s digital environment.

For further details on how AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN can help eliminate the burden of complexity for your IT team, by simplifying WAN infrastructure through our managed SD-WAN, contact us at, 1-866-637-9467, or get a quote.