Managed Global Connectivity

Managed Global Connectivity

Utilizing our AireNMS Internet Connectivity and Management Portal, you gain 24/7/365 monitoring of last-mile ISPs at each of your remote locations.

Instantly view performance metrics such as latency, application usage, and packet loss in AireSpring’s easy-to-access AireNMS dashboard.

In case of an outage or performance degradation, AireSpring will work with the individual ISP to resolve the issue, providing all relevant information and keeping you informed on the progress made, until the issue is resolved. This service is not only ideal for existing DIA circuits, but also helps you if you have migrated from a fully managed MPLS network to quickly resolve network issues across your multiple, global ISPs without spending precious IT resources, dramatically reducing your TCO.

Core Capabilities



AireSpring global managed connectivity service leverages diverse deployment options, including Over-the-Top (OTT), Global Private Network (GPN) and Hybrid solutions. This provides the flexibility you need to meet your remote location requirements.



All last mile circuits are procured and provisioned via one vendor, saving you time and energy. Avoid the complexity of working with multiple vendors, contacts, and support organizations.



Data traversing AireSpring’s Global Private Network is backed by guaranteed performance through our SLAs between AireSpring’s worldwide Gateways and PoPs. Our global SLA is extended end-to-end, with our worldwide managed last mile Internet connectivity.

Top 10 Benefits

Power your solution with VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

Utilize a fully-managed Layer 2 Global Private Network backed by a service level agreement (SLA) that replaces the inherent unreliability of long-haul public Internet access to reduce latency, packet loss and jitter.

Build a hybrid network using a combination of a Global Private Network and the public Internet for maximal flexibility.

Access multiple points of presence across the globe.

Replace or augment expensive, capacity-constrained legacy MPLS networks.

Leverage powerful orchestration and management tools to provide deep granularity and improved control.

Connect directly to the cloud for enhanced application performance.

Gain access to highly available, dedicated connectivity to-and-from locations in China.

Partner with a single vendor to source, design, implement and support Internet connections for last mile circuits globally.

Be protected by proactive 24/7/365 Network Monitoring and resolution, covering all connectivity, whether provided by AireSpring or other vendors.

Overcome Unpredictable Application Performance

Network service providers differ in their levels of performance, response time, and responsibility for SLAs. AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN includes our GPN, backed by a global SLA, that replaces the inherent unreliability of the public Internet, that suffers from latency, packet loss, jitter and over-subscribed networks.

Avoid Expensive Bandwidth

Private MPLS circuits have limited and expensive bandwidth. They are fixed circuits, that can inhibit network rollouts and impact the performance of applications. At the same time, circuit redundancy is complex to deploy and manage.

AireSpring’s licensing model allows you to expand bandwidth elastically, as your business grows. Rather than provisioning a fixed circuit with more bandwidth than you can use, simply add license capacity as you need it. SD-WAN overlays existing and new network infrastructure, to run cost-effectively, efficiently, and with greater control.

Eliminate Complex Infrastructure

Traditional WANs are overloaded with a multitude of single-function network and security devices. Each has their own interface and configuration requirements, and each requires separate support and maintenance contracts. Device sprawl adds excessive complexity, overhead, and IT resources to branches, regional offices, and corporate data center locations.

Technology is driving business today. When companies have a competitive technology advantage, they gain a competitive business advantage. AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN frees IT teams from the weight of coordinating and managing the time-consuming and productivity draining tasks of provisioning, deploying, monitoring, managing and supporting global network infrastructure.

Replace or Augment Legacy Networks

Today’s business-driven WANs can no longer rely upon a one-size-fits-all MPLS network. Multi-location enterprises with a mix of mission-critical and non-critical applications, and diverse app hosting environments require adaptive, reliable, resilient, and secure connectivity.

SD-WAN is transport-agnostic, and aggregates multiple transports of any type, routing traffic based on business policy, for example, mission-critical applications over MPLS, and lower-priority apps over Broadband, DIA Internet, LTE, etc. If a circuit has an issue, SD-WAN will dynamically route traffic to alternative paths, through its built-in virtual circuit redundancy, to maintain a quality user experience.

Deployment Options

AireSpring’s unique network architecture offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to mix and match network deployment options to best fit your geographic locations, and on-premises, cloud and SaaS application hosting environments.

Complete edge-middle-edge connectivity via GPN Tunnels, combines the power of SD-WAN with the reliability of AireSpring’s Global Private Network, a resilient, fully-meshed, global private layer 2 network, backed by a single-provider global SLA.

Hybrid architecture combines AireSpring’s Global Private Network for international connectivity with Over-the-Top (OTT) DMPO Tunnels utilizing public Internet for domestic or regional connectivity.

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