We’ve all experienced those sick days, where we drag ourselves to the doctor’s office and hear the usual opening query of “where does it hurt?” Your entire body aches, so of course you reply, “All over”. Well, if you’re a network administrator for a national or multinational corporation experiencing long-haul Internet difficulties, you might reply “all over” to that same question. And you would literally mean, all over the world, because your applications are crossing networks all around the globe. If those applications run over the public Internet, you know the pain caused by latency, packet loss, inequitable peering interconnections, and over-subscribed networks. 

Enterprises can no longer be constrained by legacy networks and long-distance public Internet connectivity across the United States, and between the U.S. and other countries. To compete in today’s digitally transformed business environment, companies need simplified WAN infrastructure, that delivers optimal performance, flexible connectivity, and greater control – globally.

Global SD-WAN requires a healthy connection

Companies that rely upon long-haul public Internet circuits for national, intercontinental and transcontinental connectivity experience significantly worse packet loss, latency, and jitter, than regional connectivity.

For data packets traveling long distance to their destinations, particularly between countries, the journey is fraught with potential problems. The Internet backbone delivers best-effort service, where providers can’t guarantee when data will be delivered, or the quality of that data, when it’s received. 

When network capacity is exceeded, bandwidth becomes saturated. This often occurs when a network service provider routes too much traffic through their connections. For users, this creates packet congestion, that makes application performance unreliable, erratic, and slow. Compounding this problem, there are no SLAs to protect companies.

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN

AireSpring overcomes long-haul connectivity challenges with our Global Managed SD-WAN. Powered by industry-leading VMware® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™, it includes SD-WAN Edge devices located in branches, regional offices, and company headquarters, and integrated into our worldwide service Gateways. Global Managed SD-WAN runs on AireSpring’s Global Private Network (GPN) – an SLA-backed, Layer 2 network, with PoPs distributed around the world.

AireSpring enables true end-to-end secure, agile, optimized and reliable connectivity for on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS, with:

  • Edge branches, regional offices, campuses and data centers, with connectivity optimized through SD-WAN Edge devices (either virtual or physical), and centrally managed and monitored with the orchestrator
  • AireSpring Multi-Cloud Connect, directly connects users over our GPNto the PoP closest to the cloud provider
  • Built-in support for AWS Direct Connect, Azure Express Route, Google Cloud, Oracle Fast Connect, and others

Flexible global network deployment options

AireSpring’s unique network architecture enables the highest level of flexibility to mix and match global network connectivity:

  • Complete edge-middle-edge connectivity via GPN Tunnels, combines the power of SD-WAN with the reliability of AireSpring’s Global Private Network – a resilient, fully-meshed, global private layer 2 network, backed by a single-provider global SLA.  
  • Hybrid architecture combines AireSpring’s Global Private Network for international connectivity with Over-the-Top (OTT) DMPO Tunnels utilizing public Internet for domestic or regional connectivity.

The freedom of managed services

AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN frees enterprises from the complexities of procuring, deploying, monitoring, and managing SD-WAN and its many components. These include diverse circuits, carrier contracts, and NOC support organizations. Also eliminated, are the many challenges associated with different currencies, time zones, and international languages, that add complexity to a global SD-WAN.

AireSpring is a single-vendor provider for Global Managed SD-WAN with GPN, and managed worldwide last mile circuits (e.g. Broadband, LTE, Ethernet, Satellite and MPLS, etc.) all under one bill. Our global circuit procurement service, includes proactive 24/7/365 NOC monitoring and resolution. For Internet circuits already under contract, after AireSpring receives a letter of authorization (LOA), we monitor the circuits, and work with the carriers to resolve issues on behalf of the customer.

Reliable long-haul connectivity is the essential remedy for successful global SD-WAN deployments. Enterprises now have a dedicated resource that enables them to compete in today’s digital business environment. We deliver on the promise of simplified WAN infrastructure, with optimal performance, flexible bandwidth and greater control – globally.